Called To Fight… seventh in a series

Inviting You to Comprehend God’s Calling on Your Life

Kidron Church’s Summer Sermon Series

We’re all Called by God to:

               Fellowship: June 26   God desires to walk with us

               Freedom: July 3   Free us from Satan’s bondage

               Follow: July 17   Know Him as Savior and experience Him as Lord of our life…

               Faithfull: July 24   Living in willing continual obedience day to day….

               Fruitfulness: July 31   Our reward for being faithful… Added by God, not our choice…

Forgiveness: Aug 7   Our condition, our condemnation, His command to forgive as He forgave us.     


August 14: Called to Fight – Text on video from Eph 6:10-18 begins at 38 minutes.

Sermon Notes

Christians are in a continual spiritual battle. If you’re unaware, perhaps you’re asleep (or spiritually dead)

Resources for Christians so Engaged In the Fight:

1.) Consider the Enemy

Since the Garden….

Job – target of Satan out looking … , a hedge of protection

Cosmic War Between Good & Evil

David & Goliath

Jesus 40 Days in the Wilderness, Satan left Him for a more opportune time

Luke 22:31 Jesus said “Satan has asked for you Peter, that he may sift you as wheat..

2. Consider the EQUIPMENT Needed for the Fight

You have access to everything needed to Engage the Enemy & Emerge the Victor

First, Consider the Devil’s Five Tools:

               Deception: twists God’s Words, good becomes evil, evil becomes good …

               Difficulties: Persecution Acts 8: 1+

               Discouragement: Elijah hiding from Jezebel after Mt Carmel victory I Kings 19

               Distractions: Sower of Seeds on the Soils… Matt 13: 3+, life’s riches & pleasures

               Divisiveness: disunity, dishonor, to get the church to be divided against itself…

Second, Consider the Christian’s Armor of God, First Five are Defensive Tools (weapons)

              Belt of Truth: To Combat Deception, We Must Know the Truth, “I am the Way…”

              Breast plate of Righteousness: Right living before God empowered by Holy Spirit

              Feet shod with Gospel of Peace, Shalom, shoes with studs for traction…

Shield of Faith: quench Satan’s fiery darts, requires both childlike faith (David & Goliath, and huge faith demonstrated by Stephen, Paul, Peter, Martyr’s Mirror…

Helmet of Salvation: Protect your Vulnerability, what Satan makes looks like certain defeat will be a victory. Consider the Cross and the Tomb… the power from knowing that God is at work in my life, I’m preparing for eternity since I know who I am in Christ…

Sword of the Spirit: … which is the Word of God, (this is the only offensive piece of equipment, Jesus used Scripture to defeat Satan when tempted in the wilderness …

Pray in the Spirit: Continually and on all occasions. Regardless, keep on praying…

3. Consider the EXPECTATIONS of your fight…

Attacks are Inevitable: If none in sight; rest in the Spirit, refuel, strategize, role play, plant seeds, invite, evangelize, etc.

        Check your Allegiance: If you’re on Satan’s side, he won’t attack you.

Never Forget, The War is Won! Read Revelations for even though the Battle Continues, Satan is a defeated foe for you’re not fighting the devil on your own, God is on your side providing you all the equipment (resources) you’ll ever need.

You will be victorious if you stand! Verse 6: 13

Christ is going to be glorified, for all He has done – is doing – and will yet do…  

Summary & Sending Prayer

We indeed are called to Fight. We pray this scripture today will be an encouragement to us; to know who the Enemy is, to identify the Enemy, to know what our resources are, and then to know that through Jesus Christ the victory is already won. May we all be encouraged as we go out into the world as we go about doing spiritual battle. In Jesus Name, Amen